E-Ink, or electrophoretic ink, is an exciting screen technology now commonly used in the Kindle and Pebble Watch. This project explores applications within the London Underground system.


The flexible screens can literally be printed, using reflective-based electro-phoretic inks, which boast incredibly low power requirements. This technology will transform spaces such as the London Underground, with the potential to cover entire station platforms with e-Ink converting them into immersive environments, ideal for signage and communications, but also advertising and experiential art.


I spent a day filming in the London Underground, followed by 6 weeks creating a short film visualising ways that e-Ink could be applied across the transport network. Tools included Cinema4D, Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Logic Pro and After Effects.

For further information or if you are interested in e-ink, please contact me.
Soundtrack: Pan Sonic (Griffmix version)