Prep by Post

Weekly Learning Packs for 11+ Exams, delivered to your door.

Prep By Post - online learning subscription pack for 11+ Exams in the UK

For PrepByPost I designed and illustrated their weekly subscription box for kids, using a friendly vector style suitable for boys and girls aged 8-11. The pack contains weekly test exam papers, an A1 adventure poster (see below), a sticker pack, step-by-step instructions, a ring-binder and other goodies and rewards to help make learning, and preparing for exams, fun rather than a chore.

As well as the weekly pack, I designed and coded the website, based on a customized version of WordPress, and installed a LAMP server on AWS to host it. I utilized a number of plugins to power the subscription model, and built a user-flow which meant parents could land on the site and checkout within just 3 simple clicks.

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