Thomson is the UK’s leading package holiday company.


The Thomson brand today spans nationwide shops, cruise ships, a vast fleet of aircraft and vehicles, hotels and online, yet is dreary & outdated, hindering customer retention and acquisition. As holiday makers increasingly move their purchasing online and in a market when self-planning your trip is easier than ever, with companies such as Kayak & AirBnB, Thomson faces a huge challenge to capture and retain customers. It must adapt with the times.


The rounded typeface and cartoon smile did not reflect the premium positioning Thomson desired. The pale, muted blue background lacked any kind of sophistication and lustre. I was hired by Neale Network on behalf of Thomson and the parent group, TUI, to explore rebranding options and present these to a market research group in the context of Thomson’s key touchpoints and POS, for feedback.


I developed the “Thomson Wings” concept which featured colored ribbons and a “swoosh” seen in the capital “T” (below) representing the theme of travel and whisking its customers away to destinations using visual movement, while using more sophisticated colours (confident dark blue with vibrant ribbons on white) and an elegant, modern cut of the “T” to communicate a premium service.