“A sound mix of strategic and commercial business acumen, with design and creative problem solving, particularly good at building digital brands.”


Discovery is a collaborative process often involving a combination of research and workshops to understand where we are today, and to unravel the problems we face and explore potential opportunities for tomorrow. Discovery clarifies the challenges and objectives, and fosters a shared understanding of the required outcome for the project. I would typically carry out competitor and SWOT analysis, customer profiling, brand positioning research and business modelling to identify genuine commercial opportunities.


Output from the Discovery phase provides stimulus and insight to shape the creative strategy. Often clients are launching a new product or service, or digitally transforming their businesses, and require creative solutions to their commercial problems. I focus my attention on areas of branding and design, e-commerce and apps, business modelling and team structuring, and growth marketing plans. Deciding whether to custom build your mobile app or use off-the-shelf components, making rational decisions around your brand’s personality, defining your merchandising strategy and deciding how to make the most out of your startup budget whether its PPC or the power of PR. Usually I feed these insights into a business plan, a brand strategy document or an investment deck, assisting my clients with financial forecasting, fund-raising, allocating resources and rolling out their digital solutions.


Branding, in recent years, has become a significant cornerstone of marketing and communications. Gone are the days when designing a nice looking logo will suffice. Branding today is about the relationship your product or service forges with its surroundings: its competitors, its customers, its staff, its environment and the larger world around it. Branding deals with story-telling, with language, with the senses. I work with clients to develop meaningful brands that engage consumers and tell an authentic story.

Once the brand strategy has been nailed, logos, color palettes, photography, typography, animation and motion graphics are vehicles we can harness, applied to web and mobile experiences, apps, packaging, products, uniforms, literature and endless other applications, empowering your brand to engage with your customers in sharper, cleverer, more impactful ways than the competition.


As traditional brands shift their transactional businesses online, and startups are born with technology at their heart, producing e-commerce that makes businesses more profitable and disruptive has become more important and complex than ever before. Amazon now accounts for >$0.70 in every $1 spent online, and that number is rising each year as they maintain their aggressive growth strategy, making it harder for e-commerce players to compete on product, price and logistics.

My first tech startup, BOUF.com, saw its visitors switch almost overnight from browsing on their PCs in endless versions of Internet Explorer to using iPhones & Android devices on the move. Combining analytics with a high degree of creativity is key.

From prototyping MVPs, software specification, wire-framing and UX/UI design, to programming, merchandising, algorithm optimisation, AB testing, push notifications, user testing and conversion optimisation and logistics/fulfilment expertise, I will work with you alongside specialist partners to develop a world-class product.